Discal hernia and the Teckel

Due to its conformation, the “weak point” of the Dachshund, commonly called the “wiener dog”, is its spine. It is therefore more common for this breed to suffer from herniated discs which can lead to paralysis of the posterior (rear) limbs. But other breeds can affected by this severe and painful condition. The risk increases if the dog is overweight or performs exercises unsuitable for him, such as jumping on the sofa or climbing and descending too many steps.

A veterinary exam is essential, among others, if your animal seems quieter, if he hesitates to jump or to walk, if he demonstrates some pain on his back or his neck. It must be understood that the only means of confirming a herniated disk is by a myelography or CTscanner (performed by a neurologist) and that the only curative treatment is surgery. The medical treatment only relieves the symptoms by reducing the pressure on the spinal cord caused by the herniated disk.

Recurrence is possible and can go as far as paralysis. Therefore, to reduce the risk of recurrence, your animal must avoid jumping up or down (bed, sofa) playing (the begging position, standing on his hind legs) or going up or down stairs.

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Did you know your Teckel was at risk?


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