Dental diseases

All year long, dentists remind us of the importance of good dental care to maintain a healthy mouth! However, unlike humans, cavities are rarely seen in our pets but there are other equally serious diseases that can affect their mouths: plaque, tartar, gingivitis, tooth fracture, and mispositioning are some of the conditions that can cause bad breath, inflammation, pain, abscess, gum recession, difficulty eating, tooth loss, and other health problems.

The veterinary physical exam includes an oral examination but it is often necessary to do a complete oral examination under anesthesia and have dental x-rays performed to get the full picture of your pet’s oral condition. A dental scaling, including a portion under the gum line, a polishing, and sometimes dental extractions may be necessary to treat periodontal disease. Daily care at home such as brushing your pet’s teeth with a veterinary toothpaste, application of a dental gel, offering dental chews and dental diets can help you maintain a healthy mouth for your furry companion.

Do you brush your pet's teeth daily?


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