Caution, your cat roams around?

An old saying claims that cats have 7 lives; reality says cats all have different ones! The feline aristrocrat that basks on his comfy pillow and gazes at butterflies through the window is the complete opposite of the feisty tomcat who spends his summer nights chasing mice and birds, when it’s not rats and other cats!

Make sure your kitty has received the protection that best suits him according to his lifestyle, whether its vaccinal or parasitic.

Don’t let a stray cat roam around outside. It is your responsability as a pet owner to prevent animal surpopulation.


Generally, a cat will receive his basic vaccination which includes Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus;

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)

  • is a virus that attacks the immune system, therefore the cat will no longer be able to fight infections;
  • is spread through saliva (biting, grooming, sharing food dishes) or from
    an infected mother to her kittens;
  • vaccination is recommended for all cats who go outside;

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

  • is a virus like FELV that will affect the immune system.
  • is mostly spread when one cat bites another, rarely does an infected mother infect her kittens.
  • vaccination against FIV is recommended for all cats who go outside;


  • is a virus that can be transmitted by all mammals;
  • is a zoonosis (can be transmitted to humans);
  • EVERY animal should be vaccinated against rabies.


Intestinal parasites are frequent in cats but, easy to treat and prevent. A stool analysis should be performed annually when the cat is brought to the vet. Strategic deworming is recommended for cats who go outside. As parasite eggs are present anywhere infected stool is found, and are also contagious to humans (especially children), deworming is very important.

Flea preventive treatment is highly recommended. Prevention is easier and less expensive than treating all of your animals once they’ve already been contaminated, as well as disinfection of the whole house.

We see more ticks since the past few years. Be careful, products again ticks used in dogs are toxic for cats.

Have you learn something about outside dangers for your cat ?


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